Online Support & Consult Group

Get Support & Mentoring To Help You Get Started Doing Evaluations

Monthly Friday Meetings 11 am to 12:00 noon pm

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Use the link below to join our online support meetings.  

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You'll be notified of future dates of this Mentoring/Consult online group.

Sharing Cases & Approaches  

Case consultation & discussion with contributions & comments from everyone. There's no commitment necessary to join. 

Other clinician's experiences with interviewing, writing, or testifying is so valuable! And, the support of our community is vital. 

Pro Bono Consultation & Guidance From Me

There is no charge for participating in our online community.

I hope that we'll develop this to a monthly online meeting that will include many experts from across the nation. I will offer any insights, thoughts, and resources to bear upon cases discussed in our meetings. Other seasoned participants may also offer their help.

Networking, Sharing Resources, Templates & Links

We will have a community of clinicians eager to give and to get support. Resources, such as lawyers and experienced evaluators in your city. Assessment tools, techniques and templates may be shared. 

These are live hosted peer consult groups using the Citrix platform 'GoToTraining'. You will receive reminder emails with the 'Join' link, one week, one day and one hour before each monthly meeting.

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